40 Unique Sinks

Sinks are something we use every day and people don’t tend to put a lot of thought behind the design of their sink. But in fact, the sink is a very important part of a kitchen or bathroom as many times changing it will cause the transformation of the entire space. The most important characteristic of a sink has to be its functionality, but the design is plays an important part too.

If you would like to purchase a new sink for your home, but don’t know which type to choose, here are some great and very modern sink ideas. Some are elegant, some unconventional but each and everyone has a special, eye-catching design so choose the one that would fit your home perfectly. Browse through the 40 fabulous sinks featured here and draw some inspiration from them in order to find your favorite one. As seen on goodshomedesign.

1. Motif Basin by OMVIVO

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2. Spoon Sink Design


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3. Painted Bathroom Sinks With Floral Design


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4. Double Sink Bathroom Vanity


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5. Eco-friendly Microbial Home for Fancy Kitchens


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