26 Half Bathroom Ideas and Design For Upgrade Your House


This gallery shares beautiful half bathroom ideas. Whether or not you like to think of it as such, your half bathroom is an oasis for both yourself and those that flock to your home for dinner parties or other important social events. That being said, very few people actually take the time to look at remodeling half bath or making it an overly welcoming area.

While it’s true that no one is going to look down on your for the finished products, taking a look online for half bathroom ideas is certainly something that you are going to want to be looking at so that you can enjoy your space even more.

Your home is a spot that you are proud of, so half bath remodel ideas needs to be on your list when you are looking to transform your space and make it fresh, modern, comfortable and welcoming for all of your guests.

You’ll be the talk of the neighbourhood – in the best possible way – if you do it right, and that is certainly something to be enjoyed in a world where we have social status based on the look and feel of our homes.

It may be hard to get everything just right in each room of your home, but you can make sure that you are creating the right space for your visitors in your bathroom. It really is more important than you think, so take a look at these small 1/2 bathroom ideas:

For the Small Bathroom


If you have a particularly small bathroom, all that you need to do is pick a neutral colour for the walls and then bring it out with bright pops of colour or pattern. This will accent the right things and create a warm and modern space.


For The Narrow Bath Ideas



We can’t all have the perfect designs that are the right orientation from the get-go. If you have a space that is narrow, make sure that you have a narrow sink and a towel rack that will fit in perfectly to give you all that you need with minimum footprint.


Modern Masculine Half Bathroom Ideas


If you are a small area that you are looking to make all one theme but aren’t convinced that white is the way to go, you aren’t alone. These are all shades of grey that give a professional and put together air, especially the gray floor tiles for pop.


Add Original Flair


This is a traditional half bathroom design that makes it really homey and safe with themes that you know and trust, while adding flair with a stained glass window that is new and unexpected in a space. Perfect for the look and feel that you are going for.