25 Great Stone Patio Ideas for Your Home


This particular gallery will share to you a collection of gorgeous stone patio ideas different backyard designs. The kind of stone that you would choose to use for the backyard would have a major impact on the feel and look. Here, you will be able to find ideas and tips for using various forms of stone materials so as to make and design a great-looking patio design that will be loved by everyone.

The backyard that you can see in the photo shows a raised stone patio having a tiny hedge wall with external lamp lighting on the ledge. The floor was an orange tinted flagstone that was arranged on a random pattern whilst the wall shows a combination of brown, beige and grey river stones that were stacked on a random formation.

The warm and rich tones of these stones used in making the patio match very well with neutral brown clapboard portico of the house and also, it goes very well with neutral blue shade used on patio furniture.

Mediterranean Style Patio with Round Stucco Fire Pit


This house having the combination of rounded and clean whitewashed walls and a columnar built-up space of slim-sliced split-faced sandstone is achieving that perfect Mediterranean feel.

When it comes to patio flooring, it features a neat square tiles in the unpolished limestone, which happens to be a great base for using dull red cushions for patio furniture. The patio’s center is focused on the built-up fire pit that was made in similar whitewash stucco that is same with the walls of a villa.


Contemporary Patio with Flagstone Patio on the Backyard



This modern luxury home comes with a lengthy, linear patio that stretched from here to there and decked with dark brown and light beige furniture, ranging from the sunbathing chairs to coffee table sets.

The flooring for this one was made on a huge flagstone plan with the use of fine-grained crude limestone. A short wall is the one that separates the patio from pool and it serves as the little plant boxes.


Beach Style Patio

image : houzz

We usually source our unbalanced limestone flagstone from different quarries across Wisconsin. It is available by bulk on the pallets and then we cut the stones into pieces using cutoff saws and chisels. At times, we get lucky and various pieces simply fit together.


Starry-eyed Stone Patio Ideas

image : Houzz

Ideally, our little patio sections will be in such cohesive but irregular pattern.