25 Folding Furniture Designs for Saving Space


This fold out benches and table is a perfect outdoor set if you don’t really have a big yard. It’s actually pretty common and you can most likely find the right ones who’ll make this for you.


If you have always wanted a pool table but never really had much space, this is the perfect dining table for you. With the wooden cover, you can eat all you want. Take that off and now you can play pool all you want.


This is a really unique furniture to have. Although the concept of chairs to sleeping areas are totally common, this one has a much different take to it. It can be folded from the top so you can make it as a pod chair. Then you can pull those upward and slip inside like a tent.



This lavish looking mirror could actually become an ironing board. It’s very convenient and very stylish.


A drop down table on one side and a kitchen counter on the other. What’s amazing is you can also pull out a bed from it. It’s also got all the spaces you need for anything you want to place on there. Just this and you can have anything in a small room.


Source : cuded.com